1. Zuri undertakes warranty of

Product Warranty Period
Handset Unit First Twelve (12) months from the beginning Date of Purchase
Battery Pack First Six (6) months from the beginning Date of Purchase
Charger Earphone, any other accessories First Three (3) months from the beginning Date
2. Customer need to fulfill below conditions to entitle warranty from "Zuri"

2.1. Customer buy Zuri product through our authorized dealers.

2.2. Customer need to present "Proof of Purchase" (POP) which is an official receipt issued by the dealer for the Product(s) which the customer has purchased. POP must detail date of purchase,purchase item(s) and IMEI number(s), serial number(s), and original warranty card which bear with the company chop of dealer where he purchased.

2.3. The product must be in warranty period

2.4. The warranty is valid for product bought in countries where the product was purchased, given that the product is offered for sales in that country.

2.5. Warranty service offer only to original (First) customer of the product and is not assignable / transferable to other customers.

3. How customer can access our warranty service

3.1. Customer need to present the device to the collection points of our authorized service centers,Notify them with default being found to ask for repair and maintenance.

3.2. Our authorized centers has responsibility for providing training to staffs of collected points to identify whether product can entitle "Zuri" warranty service.

4. Under the following conditions, the warranty does not cover damage caused by

4.1. Usage of equipment other than its normal and customer manner;

4.2. Ordinary wear and tear of the equipment;

4.3. Use together with third party accessory, such as charger, battery pack, earphone, etc.;

4.4. Unauthorized repair, disassembly, changing or modification being carried out;

4.5. Spillage of food or liquid, corrosion, rust or the use of incorrect voltage;

4.6. Improper and abnormal use, subject to extreme conditions; improper storage, exposure Of excessive moisture or dampness, exposure to excessive temperatures, improper wiring Of product.

4.7. Using unauthorized spare parts to use together; to repair, use of product in direct violation of user manual's instructions or instructions furnished by "Zuri"

4.8. Default due to neglect; abuse; accident; compression; drops, physical harm, improper installation; breakage or damage to antenna;

4.9. All plastic surfaces and other externally exposed parts are scratched or damaged due to abnormal use;

4.10. Force Majeure, such as War, fire, typhoon, flood or earthquake;

4.11. Connection to other device: (a) not recommended by "Zuri"; (b) not fit for use with the product.

4.12. The seals of the battery of the Product are broken and/or have been tampered with, or the subject warranty claim is related to the use of an aftermarket battery in the product.

4.13 Service center has not been notified by customer of the defect within the warranty period of the product.

4.14. Serial number code/ IMEI number of the product has been removed, defaced or altered.

5. Responsibility

5.1. Within the warranty period, Zuri and its authorized Service Centre will repair, the product or any relevant parts thereof in the event that the product is being found to be defected. The customer shall not be charged whether for parts, labor cost) for the repair or replacement of a defective product within the warranty period. All repaired parts, boards or equipment shall become the property of Zuri.

5.2. Zuri has absolute right to explain all terms and conditions in warranty service.

5.3. The warranty for the repaired / replaced parts product shall continue until the expiration for the remaining warranty period or ninety (90) days from the date of repair or replacement,whichever is longer.

5.4. Customer need to assure that data, any confidential, proprietary, or personal information from the product should have backup. Zuri do not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media where customer do not have backup by himself.

5.5. After warranty period, Zuri has the right to do warranty service for the product, all the relevant charge should be borne by customer.

5.6. "Warranty shall cover HARDWARE Only against Manufacturing Defects & be VOID in case customer has used any software or apps from internet or any other sources which make changes to the system software including but not limited to Malware and Virus Attacks. Zuri will not accept any responsibility for software repair in term of formatting and flashing the handset. Customer need to pay charge for his own for all related repair Services &/or Checking Fee."

5.7.All warranty information, product features and specification are subject to change without notice.