1.Check that you use an original ZURI battery and Original ZURI charger compatible with your mobile device model.
    2.If you have another battery or charger of the same type, try substituting them to determine if the issue is with the mobile device, the battery, or the charger.
    3.Make sure your device is running the latest software.
    4.Some applications and features, such as Bluetooth and WLAN(WiFi), drain the battery. To conserve power, disable Bluetooth, WLAN and applications when they are not in use.
    All batteries including high-quality batteries like ZURI will eventually lose power retention capacity. If it is time to replace your battery with a new one, be sure to purchase an original ZURI battery from an authorized ZURI dealer.

    A new battery should be charged for 10-12 hrs for the first 3-4 times this makes the battery seasoned for better results and longer life. Battery should be charged only when it gets fully discharged since all the batteries are designed for certain charge cycles which should not be wasted by semi charging. Also half charged battery when put for charge, start showing false charging quickly even when the battery has not charged fully. When such batteries are put to use, they get discharged also very fast. After the initial charging as above one should follow the normal charging procedure as displayed on the handset.

    1.Turn Bluetooth off when you do not need it.
    2.Turn Wi-Fi off when you do not need it. It uses much battery when it is on and not connected to scan the available Wi-Fi Networks.
    3.The backlight of the display increases the demand on battery power. In the display settings, you can change the time-out after which the backlight is switched off and adjusts the display brightness.
    4.Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power. Close application you do not use.
    5.Turn off vibrate function of your mobile phone, using just the ring tone.
    6.Avoid using moving or animated pictures or videos for your mobile phones background.
    7.Turn off your mobile phone whenever you do not plan to answer any calls, for example while you are sleeping.
    If the battery loses the power fast even though there is no features consuming the power, the battery may be wearing out and you need to replace it with a new one.

    Charging times differ between charging models. USB charging is limited by the maximum current output of the USB device, and may take longer than charging with conventional chargers. Original Zuri Wall Charger is always Prefered.
    However, if your phone clearly seems to be taking too long to charge, please bring the device and the charger to your local ZURI Service Center for inspection.

    ZURI phones feature a teensy light sensor on the front. The sensor is used to adjust the touchscreen's brightness based on the amount of ambient light at your location. If the sensor is covered, the screen can get very, very dark

    Dropped calls or low sound quality during calls can be the reason for low signal strength or momentary gaps in network coverage, either at your end or the other end of the connection.
    Check the following:
    1.Check the signal strength that is indicated by the signal indicators at the Top side of the mobile phones display. If there is no network coverage at all, check if you have set your device to use 3G or 4G(Depending on your ZURI device model) instead of the dual mode.
    2.To increase your mobile phones signal strength, try moving your mobile phone slightly, or move towards a window if you are calling from inside a building.
    3.If you continuously experience low signal strength in a certain area, it may be that network coverage is insufficient there. Your operator or service provider can provide you with more information on network coverage.
    4.If you believe that the problem may be with your mobile phone instead of the network, contact your local ZURI Service Center for inspection.

    Manual Method : Try Disabling the APP's which are not in use , as the APP's Running in Background also drains too much battery .
    Automatic Method : Use "DU Battery Saver" APP . In which there is one Option "SMART", In it there is an option "PHONE COOLER", Click it . This Function will make the APP's Sleep which are consuming too much RAM, Processor and Battery . This will make the device cool .

    The battery may not take a charge anymore. When you get your new one, let the power run out of it before charging it again.

    If your phone appears to have problems with power, the problem may be with the phone, the battery, or the charger. Before bringing your phone into a ZURI Service Center point for inspection, please perform the following checks:
    Fully charge the battery.
    Remove and re-insert the battery according.

    Check that you are using an original battery and charger compatible with your phone model.
    If you have access to another battery and charger of the same type as yours, try substituting them to determine if the issue is with the phone, the battery, or the charger. Make sure your device is running the latest software.
    If you are unable to test your phone or it still keeps switching off, please bring it to the nearest ZURI Service Center for inspection.

    Reset the device
    1. Switch off the device.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. After a few seconds, re-insert the battery and switch on the device.
    Reset the settings
    1.Restore the original factory settings as explained in the user guide.
    2.Your contacts and data are not deleted in the reset.
    Update the software
    1.Make sure your device is running the latest software.
    2.Remember to back up your contacts and data before updating.

    Remove any unnecessary apps and to ensure that your phone is not full of data you do not need.
    Go to Settings / Applications and choose 'Manage applications'. Now choose the app that is misbehaving from the list and tap 'Force stop'. If the app continues to misbehave you should try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

    1. Remove any kind of protective film or tape from the screen to check if it prevents the touch screen working. If any object is present on the top of the screen, the screen remains black.
    2. Clean the screen with a soft, clean and dry cloth.
    Note! Make sure you are not accidentally touching the corners of the screen while holding your phone, as this may result in inaccurate, or unintentional touches.

    Settings / Location and make sure that the 'Use GPS satellites' option is ticked. This will ensure much greater accuracy when navigating.

    It's because of the differences of hardware and software system. In addition, recovery, cache, partitions, etc. will consume ROM. So Approximately 4GB is Consumed by Android ROM and the Rest is Usable for Data and Multimedia.

    Ensure that your phone is on and that there is sufficient network signal strength.
    1.Signal strength is indicated by the signal indicators at the Top of the phone's display. These indicators move up as the strength of the signal increases and down as the signal decreases.
    2.To increase your phone s signal strength, try moving your phone slightly, or move towards a window if you are calling from inside a building.
    If the phone s profile is set to Silent, Flight, Offline, or any other profile where ringing is silenced, it will not ring. Change the profile to General or Normal. Check also the settings of your active profile, especially Ringing tone, Ringing type and Ringing volume. You may also try another Ringing tone, for example built-in tune, to rule out possible corruption of a transferred ringing tone.
    Make sure that call divert is not activated.
    Make sure your device is running the latest software. For downloads and assistance, go to your local mobile phone website s support page.
    If the problem persists, contact your local ZURI Service Center for inspection.

    Android updates assistance in regulating a notation bugs on your device and better Perfrmance. To check for Android updates on your ZURI Smart Phone .Open Settings, Scroll down to a bottom of a page and Open About Phone. In a new list,Open "Wireless updates" device will check for Updates if Available and if no updates accessible a device is Up to Date.