"You in mind" is what inspired us!

A beautiful thought has just begun.To inspire, to lead, to bare all that you got.And what better way to give an impetus to your thoughts than exquisite gadgets designed to meet your purpose. Our quest doesn't end at gorgeous master pieces that can be hailed for its chic, stylish, meaner looks.It's much more.It's 'the purpose' that we seek. A perfect amalgamation of beauty and technology that meets your definition of perfection and pushes you further to your goal.Welcome to the world of Zuri,where the name itself exudes beauty.


Zuri designs, develops and manufactures smartphones, tablets and accessories — digital lifestyle devices that are intelligent and intuitive, feature-rich and future-forward. Based in Hong Kong, the company works closely with channel partners around the world to deliver on the brand's promise of great design, value-for-money and trusted quality. Zuri means a beautiful union of Style and Technology. We will be introducing a wave of products with freshness, youthfulness that defines usefulness in every way. In short it will translate complex solutions in a beautiful way. Technology has been designed keeping 'You' ( the consumer) in mind. Zuri Aligns itself according to the user's needs and tech requirements Welcome to the world of Zuri, where the name itself exudes beauty.