DHAKA, April 28 (NsNewsWire) — Zuri, the fast-growing digital lifestyle brand, adds to its range of smartphones, tablets and accessories that offer smarter, simpler and stronger ways for customers to realize the full potential of the connected world.

According to a press release received here Tuesday, the company's devices are created expressly for the needs of a growing class of newly-connected consumers, in both mature markets and developing economies, where Zuri's combination of design, quality and value will have broad mainstream appeal.

"We are serving a growing segment of customers," says Vikash Shah, CEO of Zuri. "With mobile operators bringing connectivity to all corners of the world, the internet is becoming ubiquitous. This creates new opportunity in the marketplace, one we are ready to seize with our channel partners."

"Today one billion people worldwide use a smartphone. We are targeting the next billion," continues Shah. "We call these newly-connected users 'the emerging consumer' for mobile devices. These customers are everywhere – from families buying their first smartphone, to students trading their desktop PC for a mobile solution, to grandparents wanting a tablet to skype with their grandchildren."

With these customers in mind, Zuri has created an offer where value, quality and design serve as the core values. Emerging customers want devices that offer value-for-money, providing maximum benefit and meeting their specific requirements within their budget. Quality means the latest technology and high-performance components, a mark of trust that promises dependability and durability. With design, Zuri aims to create beautiful, easy-to-use products that are attractive to the senses of sight, sound and touch.

"The Zuri brand name takes inspiration from a similar word in Swahili meaning "beauty and simplicity," a concept that we believe captures the spirit of our business and design philosophy," adds Ganesh Nambiar, Business Accelerator. "With Zuri, we say the brand was created with "you in mind" – and the Zuri name literally puts "U" at the center. It's a clear, visible statement of the commitment we share with our customers. We put their needs, their priorities and their requirements at the center of everything we do."