Connected devices brand Zuri is ready to appoint distributors across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The Zuri team is attending DISTREE EMEA, the region’s leading annual event for the volume technology and consumer electronics channel, to meet potential partners. Vikash Shah, CEO at Zuri, said: “We are in the business of connected devices. The product has become mainstream and we share the Google vision for a connected planet.”

Zuri will be showcasing an exciting and fresh range of digital lifestyle devices at DISTREE EMEA including smartphones, smart watches, Wi-Fi and 3G tablets. Shah added: “Zuri sees a multi-billion dollar opportunity for partners. Zuri has had tremendous success in its existing markets. The brand has been witnessing a high growth trajectory and rapid acceptance in the regions it operates in. It is now ready to expand and create a Zuri footprint in the European market in 2015.”

Zuri will use its presence at DISTREE EMEA to enhance its understanding of European markets and also to make sure it launches products that are designed to meet the needs of the region’s consumers.

“During 2014 we have seen the increasing penetration of smartphones and increased acceptability of wearables in developed markets. Digital lifestyle devices have become an integral part of life due to increasing internet penetration rates around the world – especially in emerging markets,” explained Shah.

Zuri claims that it diverse product portfolio ensures it has the right product offering for each market. The brand is looking for distributors, retailers and e-tailers across EMEA. Zuri reckons it can deliver technologically superior products created by a passionate team in Hong Kong, supported by an aggressive marketing and pricing strategy. The company is proud of its ‘Designed in Hong Kong’ label.

Shah commented: “Zuri means a beautiful union of style and technology with products that resonate freshness and usefulness in every way. Zuri is well geared for success due to its award-winning product range, time-to-market capabilities and investment in the software platform.”

Zuri aims to offer channel partners attractive margins with quick delivery capabilities from its warehouse facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

“Zuri’s strengths and experience in logistics and finance assures higher return on equity for distributors investing in Zuri products,” claimed Shah. “Each market and region is different. At Zuri we understand how complex and unique each market can be. So we work hand-in-hand with our local partners for marketing, promotions and channel development activities.”

“Together we define the strategy for each market, which is aligned with the global marketing team based in Hong Kong. We have invested and launched the Rolsen brand in Russia. Today Rolsen is the number one TV brand in Russia. Our management team is geared up to replicate this success with Zuri,” he continued.

Shah added: “Zuri is a new brand in the EMEA region. We have received many enquiries and are working to establish the distribution agreements in the region as we speak. The digital device industry is prone to quick to changes, so turnaround time is one of the key requirements to be successful in this business.”

“We work very closely with our channels and retailers. We love to hear from our partners all the time and ensure that every feedback is taken seriously. We do not pitch ourselves against the Apple and Samsung – we place ourselves in the mid-segment. Our goal is to achieve 20% market share in this segment,” he explained.

The Zuri brand is promoted by Amoli, a group with annual sales in excess of US$350m, which exports to 60-plus countries. Amoli has its own office and warehousing operations in seven countries and has more than 1200 employees.


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